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LenelS2 Transforms Video and Unified Security Solutions

LenelS2, a global leader in advanced access control systems and services, now has three new user interface (UI) options for Lenel Network Video Recorder (LNVR) customers. The company introduces new cloud-based offerings to enable customers’ cloud journeys and other key partnership integrations.

LenelS2 is a part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building management systems.

LNVR customers can now use OnGuard® Monitor for video-assisted mobile monitoring, OnGuard Surveillance for lightweight video viewing and Magic Monitor for unified security management. Using OnGuard Monitor and OnGuard Surveillance as complete browser-based solutions, customers can make video viewing available to all appropriate employees without installing UIs at each workstation, while ensuring permissions are enforced.     

Magic Monitor joined the company’s product portfolio in 2018 when Lenel acquired S2 Security, forming LenelS2. Magic Monitor’s unified UI expands OnGuard’s capabilities with the addition of digital signage and internet-streamed TV. The integration of OnGuard data into Magic Monitor allows the display of events and alarms, LNVR video, cardholder photo verification at selected doors and interaction with the OnGuard hardware tree, as well as cardholder search and management. Additionally, Magic Monitor tightly integrates with video management software from Milestone, which maintains a long-standing and recently expanded distribution relationship with LenelS2.

“When integrated with the OnGuard platform, the easy-to-install and customizable Magic Monitor software empowers customers’ operations centers, as well as controls messaging across their facilities for safety, informational or marketing purposes,” said Jeff Stanek, president, LenelS2. The combination of Magic Monitor, OnGuard Monitor, OnGuard Surveillance and Milestone XProtect®, ensures we have a unified security and video solution for every customer application.”  

 LenelS2 also announced convenience enhancements to its BlueDiamond™ mobile credentialing solution. BlueDiamond Pathways™ and a new Phone as a Badge (PhaaB) feature enables authorized users to enter offices and meeting rooms while leaving their smartphones in a pocket or bag.

Expanding on the ability to host OnGuard in the Microsoft® Azure® environment, which began with OnGuard version 7.4, LenelS2 has added support for hosting OnGuard in the Amazon Web Services® (AWS) cloud environment. LenelS2 is also releasing a Cloud Deployment Guide providing operational and logistics details for decision-makers who will be deploying OnGuard in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS).

In addition to the new product features above, several new OnGuard system partner integrations are also announced. Support for the latest Bosch® B-series control panels and XR-series boards from DMP® enable OnGuard users to monitor alarms and the status of intrusion devices, as well as leverage OnGuard’s ability to arm and disarm alarm systems.

The integration of Zenitel’s new intelligent communications platform, IC-Edge™, provides OnGuard users with a simple and powerful way to incorporate voice communications into customers’ unified security strategy, enabling better decision making and faster incident response through unrivaled sound quality, interoperability, security and ease of use.

“We are very excited to work with respected industry leaders like Bosch, DMP, CertiPath and Zenitel,” said Stanek. “Our OnGuard open architecture design enables users to tailor intrusion, visitor management and communications technology to meet their specific needs.”